Equilene® Pro Care®

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Available through Bluebonnet feed dealers.


Product Overview

Equilene® Pro Care® is a low starch beet pulp-based feed designed to support normal health of the equine digestive tract. This feed features research-proven ingredients which support normal immune health, lung health, gut health, joint health and enhanced recovery after exercise. Equilene® Pro Care® may be fed to horses of all ages and classes. See Equilene Pro Care inforgraphic for more.


GASTRIC BUFFER: The unique honeycomb structure of seaweed-derived calcium provides an efficient buffering mechanism against stomach acid.

PLASMA: Plasma contains biologically active components which support normal health of the gut, lungs, joints, and immune system of horses under the stresses of training and performance.

ButiPEARL® Z EQ: This slow release butyric acid has been shown to strengthen the intestinal tract of the horse, which improves nutrient absorption and provides a strong barrier against pathogens and toxins.

ORGANIC MINERALS: Organic trace minerals, backed by over 250 published studies, support hoof strength, normal healthy stomach lining, a visibly healthy hair coat, and growth of thick healthy soles.

PREBIOTICS & PROBIOTICS: Digestive support from unique prebiotics and probiotics help horses absorb more nutrition from the diet, support a healthy hind gut, and enhance immune health.

YEAST CULTURE METABOLITES: The first feed on the market containing research proven levels of metabolites which have been shown to reduce stress hormones post-exercise and improve health within the joint capsule.

LOW STARCH FORMULA: Keeping a horse’s diet low in starch and sugar helps maintain gastric health, hind gut health, and optimum muscle function.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review