Intensify® Ex-Factor® Low Starch

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Available through Bluebonnet feed dealers.


Product Overview

The best metabolic-friendly feed around, with serious wellness-boosting benefits and extra-low starch/sugar levels (10% NSC) - GUARANTEED.

Intensify Ex-Factor Low Starch is highly digestible, goes through a specialized extrusion-cooking process, and is formulated specifically for horses with starch and sugar sensitivities or metabolic conditions.

This grain-free is easier for your horse to digest and utilize, and provides your horse with "cool" calories from healthy fat and fiber. 

Plus, it gives your horse added benefits including: Lifeline+ Equine (only from Bluebonnet Feeds), advanced digestive support, faster recovery, improved stress management, enhanced immunity and disease defenses, and more!

  • 10% NSC
  • Designed for horses with starch or sugar sensitivities.
  • Contains Pro Balance Supplement.
  • Probiotics and yeast culture are included at guaranteed levels for excellent digestive health.
  • “True Name” ingredient listing shows the specific names of the ingredients in this feed.
  • Elevated levels of Vitamin E for anti-oxidant support.
  • Contains reduced carbohydrate and starch levels.
  • Contains “Cool Energy” calories from premium fat sources rich in omega fatty acids.
  • Kelp seaweed meal is included for increased micronutrient support.
  • Critical amino acids, trace minerals and vitamin levels are guaranteed on the label.
  • Contains organic minerals and organic selenium yeast.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review