Drug-Free Joint Support

Posted by Dr. Jyme Nichols on Jan 17th 2023

Drug-Free Joint Support

Performance horses constantly battle low-grade joint inflammation caused by repeated maneuvers such as turning and stopping. This inflammation can be especially prominent in horses that work in very hard or deep ground on a daily basis. Low levels of inflammation are part of the body’s normal healing process and typically the body can clear this inflammation on its own without intervention from drugs. However, horses that are in intense training programs or competing multiple times per week may need help clearing inflammation. 

If a horse is not able to clear inflammation quick enough, important structures within the joint such as cartilage and synovial fluid will start to thin and break down. This is why many people lean on joint supplements; it’s an effort to rebuild components of the joint that are slowly deteriorating. 

A More Proactive Approach to Joint Health 

A more proactive approach to joint support would be to help the body clear chronic inflammation on its own. When products like Stride Rewind are part of a preventative maintenance program it helps reduce the amount of joint damage from chronic low-grade inflammation. A reduction in chronic inflammation may even reduce the need for joint injections and drugs. 

How does it work? Stride Rewind is a natural anti-inflammatory and omega 3 supplement for horses. It is unique because it contains an omega 3 that is not available in other supplements. This special omega 3 is called “ETA” which is short for Eicosatetraenoic acid. ETA helps the body make lipoxin, which the body uses to resolve inflammation on its own. 

In fact, this natural process has been shown to be more effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen and aspirin). Studies also show horses on this supplement have improved range of motion in joints and less pain associated with arthritis. 

Stride Rewind is available as a pellet which can be fed on a daily basis and also as a liniment which can be rubbed onto joints for extra support on race days and when hauling.