What is GASTRO pHix®?

Posted by Jyme Nichols, PhD on Dec 30th 2020

What is GASTRO pHix®?

What is GASTRO pHix®?

GASTRO pHix® is a foregut supplement designed to buffer and soothe. It is recommended to support normal pH of the horse’s stomach, and soothe and support normal health of tissues which line the stomach and small intestine.

What is GASTRO pHix® used for?

  • GASTRO pHix® can be used in combination with medical treatments that are intended to heal gastric ulcers in horses in order to support the normal healing process when horses are recovering from gastric and intestinal ulcers.
  • GASTRO pHix® can be used to help prevent or reduce the severity of gastric and intestinal ulcers in horses that normally occur when horses are subjected to stressful conditions such as intense training and showing, transportation and other activities recognized to increase the incidence of ulcers in horses.
  • GASTRO pHix® can be used to keep horses on feed during stressful events such as traveling to shows or other changes in environment.
  • GASTRO pHix® can be used to maintain overall well-being and even temperament while at home or while traveling away from home for whatever reason.

What’s in GASTRO pHix® and how does it work?

GASTRO pHix® uses:

  • Multiple buffers such as lithothamnion, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium to stabilize gastric and small intestine pH.
  • Several botanicals such as slippery elm, licorice, fenugreek and anise to support the body’s natural protective mechanisms against ulceration and to support normal organ function needed to maintain healthy function of digestive processes.
  • Nutraceuticals such as L-glutamine and acetyl-L-carnitine that help prevent damage to intestinal cells and function to support quick repair of any damaged intestinal cells.
  • Organic acids such as butyric acid to prevent damage to intestinal epithelial cells and prevent leaky gut syndrome.
  • Prebiotics to help maintain an effective concentration of essential anaerobic bacteria found in a heathy microbiome that are often the first to suffer when horses experience stress.
  • Minerals such as chromium and zinc that are proven to help maintain the health and normal function of gastric and intestinal cells.
  • Dietary essential omega-3 fatty acids to provide natural anti-inflammatory support to gastric and intestinal cells.


1. How is GASTRO pHix® fed?

GASTRO pHix® comes in pellet form that can be fed by itself or mixed with the horse’s normal daily ration.

2.Is GASTRO pHix® palatable?

Yes, clinical trials and customer comments have been very positive regarding palatability, even when offered by itself without being mixed with feed or other ingredients.

3.How much do I feed?

The amount of GASTRO pHix® fed per day depends upon your objective. For maintenance of normal digestive function feed ½ pound per day. To support digestive health during normal training and showing feed 1 lb once or twice per day. For horses being transported, increased stress or under medical care for gastric or intestinal ulcers feed 2 lbs once or twice per day.

4.How long does it take for GASTRO pHix® to become effective?

GASTRO pHix® is effective within an hour in regard to gastric buffer activity and appetite maintenance, however, it may take up to 7 to 14 days before the full effect of overall wellness and a more even temperament is realized.

5.Is GASTRO pHix® safe to feed with other digestive aids?

Yes, GASTRO pHix® is safe to feed along with typical ulcer medications and other digestive aids such as probiotics and prebiotics. Avoid feeding other gastric buffer supplements in combination with GASTRO pHix®.

6.Will GASTRO pHix® test?

No, GASTRO pHix® can be fed to horses competing in all disciplines including USEF and FEI sanctioned events.


Please refer to for additional information and a full listing of ingredients. 


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